The Halsey Book Tag

Hi, hello, hola. Today I stumbled on the Halsey Book Tag, and in my post-concert nostalgia, I thought—what the hell. I did spend a lot of the concert thinking about how her lyrics seem to fit perfectly with my favorite bookish characters, after all. Now let’s get on with the bookish discussions—monologues—, shall we?

Castle : Your favorite queen

You say that word, queen, and I think—Rose Calloway from Calloway Sisters by K. and B. Ritchie. She is smart, independent, caring, reliable, and although I did not love her to this extent in Kiss the SkyFuel The Fire had me cheering openly for Rose Calloway. I cannot spend this entire post praising Rose, so I’ll be short—she deserves all the love, and all the respect.

Hold me Down : A series you just can’t seem to quit, no matter how hard you try

See, that doesn’t happen to me anymore. I’m an impulsive reader, which means I read whatever I’m in the mood for, and if that means I have 40 books I’m currently reading, and that I most likely won’t finish them all out of boredom, then it’s fine. However, back when I had too much time to kill—how I miss that—, I did continue reading series I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about. The example that comes to mind is the Lux series by J. L. Armentrout. Frankly, I thought it predictable, if not a little dull, and yet… Yet, I finished the series, oddly amused by the main couple. Really, the series was fun, at the end. I just wouldn’t waste time reading it now.

New Americana : The fictional friend group you’d want to be your fight-the-apocalypse squad

The Foxes from All for the Game by N. Sakavic. Not sure if I would want to spend time with Andrew’s lot, because, let’s face it, they’re too extremely dysfunctional to not be extremely scary too, but these guys know danger, and they would be the last ones left standing (if Neil doesn’t run). Fyi, I just finished the series, and although it has all kinds of trigger-warnings, I loved it. I would love to have Dan on my side, even Andrew, and Matt. And Nicky, because what the hell. At least I wouldn’t get bored. Ever.

Drive : A couple that needs to communicate better

Kestrel and Arin from The Winner’s Trilogy by M. Rutkoski. As I write this, I internally wail, because the final book is coming out in about 2 weeks and oh, how I dread it. The second book was amazingly painful, and I can’t wait for my heart to be torn apart again. And for Kestrel and Arin to communicate.

Hurricane : Favorite standalone

Ooh, that’s a tricky one. I’ll settle for Cam Girl by Leah Raeder because it tackles important issues, shifted my world a little and because I would die before I could write like him, but know that I am hesitating with so many others, because how the hell do you expect me to answer such a question.

Roman Holiday : Cutest contemporary couple

Loren and Lily in the Addicted series by K. and B. Ritchie. Lily is adorable enough for both of them, and childhood-friends-to-lovers is the best trope.

Ghost : Most tragic break up

Caroline and West in the Caroline & West duology by R. York. It felt too real, it was too reasonable, why do these two have to be so stubborn, my heart bled a little during book 2.

Colors : One of your faves who hurt you a lot because they make terrible decisions

My son, Adam Parrish. From The Raven Cycle, by M. Stiefvater. And yes, I have adopted him. Sometimes, son, I just don’t agree with your decisions. But I understand, and I love you.

Strange Love : Characters a lot of people don’t get but you absolutely love

I don’t know a lot of people, you know.

Let’s go with Laurent from Captive Prince by C. S. Pacat. It’s cheating, because nobody gets Laurent during book 1. Not a lot of people like him in book 1, either. But then…

In book 2, I fell in love with his character, and trust me, I don’t get him either.

Coming Down : Best sexy time scene

Looking down at the never-ending list of answers I could choose. Leah Raeder knows how to write sex scenes, so I’ll go with Cam Girl, although Black Iris‘s is probably just as good. I’d also like to say—The Prince’s Gambit, chapter 19. Fair warning for adult content, kids.

Haunting : A book or character you’re still thinking about

Lochan Whitely from Forbidden by T. Suzuma still makes me hurt after all this time.

Gasoline : Favorite (self-)destructive character

William Herondale from The Infernal Devices by C. Clare? Andrew Minyard from the All for the Game trilogy? Loren Hale from the Addicted series? I just don’t know.

Control : Best villain

Nnggh. Do you mean worst villain, or the villain I can’t help but love? I’ll go with the former, and that is, Jonathan Randall from Outlander by D. Gabaldon. If you’ve read the book, you know what he’s done, and why he deserves a slow and painful death. (I’m not usually this violent. I think.)

Young God : Characters that secretly worship each other

Ha, ha. That’s easy. Richard Gansey III and Adam Parrish from The Raven Cycle. You know it, I know it. They’re obsessed with each other, they’re jealous of each other, they worship each other. They don’t know it, though.

I Walk the Line : Best retelling/reworking

I’ll have to go with The Song of Achilles by M. Miller. It’s a retelling of The Iliad, in which Patroclus and Achilles are lovers. It is painful, and beautiful, and beautiful.

Is There Somewhere : OTP with obstacles

Ryke Meadows and Daisy Calloway from Calloway Sisters. From the important age gap, to their personal issues, these two have had to work through a lot. God, I feel like a proud mom.

Empty Gold : An OTP that became a NOTP

Juliette and Warner from the Shatter Me trilogy by T. Mafi. Yes, I’ll admit it. I used to worship them. Now, though, meh. Their relationship is crazy unhealthy, and that doesn’t bother me in books that seem to acknowledge it, but in this series, it seems to be glamorizing it.

Trouble : Toxic relationship you ship even though you know better

I don’t know what you mean.

… Neil Josten and Andrew Minyard from All for the Game? Are they toxic for each other? I can’t figure it out.

Ha! Helena and Demetrius from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Does that count?


Tag #1 : Inside Out Book Tag

This is completely random, and I absolutely have not been tagged for this tag which I believe exists only on Youtube (Booktube)… But the questions inspired me, so here I am! This tag was created by Kristina Horner and you can watch it right here.

1. Which book brings you the most joy?

Addicted After All cover

I would say Addicted After All, third book in the Addicted series by the Ritchie twins (I do feel like I’m mentioning this series in every post I write. It’s probably not just a feeling…). But really, the whole series qualifies : I pick up these books as soon as I feel a little down, simply because I love the characters (they bring me joy. okay–)

2. Which book grossed you out the most?

Outlander cover

I’m now looking for a book that made me ill while reading it, and for this I’m going with Outlander by D. Gabaldon… By the end there is one particular rape/almost-murder scene that was heavily detailed and not only ‘gross’ but plainly painful to read.

3. Which book scared you the most?

Le Pantin maléfique

I never get scared when reading books now, mostly because that’s not what I look for in a book, but I remember being scared as a kid when reading the Chair de Poule books by R. L. Stine late at night when everybody was sleeping and the door was creaking loudly in the hallway… I think Le Pantin Maléfique gave me one or two nightmares.

4. Which book made you cry the most?

We Were liars cover

A book that made me cry my eyes out like my life was ending? We were Liars by E. Lockhart. Looking back, i’m a teeny bit embarrassed at how evident that plot twist was, but I simply did not see it coming, it caught me off-guard, and maybe, just maybe the fact that it was 2 am influenced my emotional state. maybe.

5. Which book pissed you off?

Crown of Midnight cover

Oooh, a question for me. FYI, I get pissed off pretty easily by irritating protagonists and pretty much any signs of intolerance. And for this I’m choosing… Crown of Midnight by S. J. Maas, the second book in the Throne of Glass series. In this book, Celaena makes rushed decisions in her anger, and the plot twist causing it as well as her behavior left me with a kind of boiling rage that prevented me from picking up Heir of Fire even a few months after that.