2015’s top #2

  • “Cam Girl” by L. Raeder

Published on November 3rd

camgirl-coverCam Girl is Elliot Finley Wake (aka Leah Raeder)’s latest book, and it seems to be to be an amplified version of his previous books. Unteachable was provoking, deep, realistic; Black Iris was entrancing, dark, confusing; now we get Cam Girl, a daring, very artistic book exploring the themes of sexuality, gender roles and forgiveness. The book begins when the protagonist has a car accident; you will notice right away the visual imagery, often relating to art, that makes this book stand out, associated with Wake’s already-poetic style. The tale that follows is one of a girl who lost everything. It is awfully eye-opening, casting criticism on social norms and expectations. When I closed this book, I felt an overwhelming love, hope, gratefulness and awe towards art and the universe around me, and these kinds of books, the kinds that make me see a different reality, that changed my world a little, they’re the ones I keep reading for.

“If you tell a story enough times, it sounds like fiction. You don’t feel that visceral throb of resonance with the person who is you, who did the things you did.”


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