2015’s top 10 #3

(… at last)

  • “Fuel the Fire” by K. and B. Ritchie

Published on April 2nd

Screenshot 2015-03-02 01.56.15

Fuel The Fire is the third book in the Calloway Sisters series, told through Connor and Rose’s points of view. What made this book stand out in my top 10 is mainly that the Ritchie sisters finally have representation, finally chose to tackle an lgbt+ issue, and very effectively so. If I wasn’t entirely charmed by Rose and Connor in Kiss the Sky, Fuel the Fire made me love them more than ever. The plot was unpredictable, the characters were as endearing as ever, and new additions to our gang made this book all the more enjoyable. At the end, putting this book in my top 3 is an absurdly emotional decision, and I don’t regret any of it, because I want to squeeze these characters into a giant hug.

“I’m attracted to people. To the words they speak, to the actions they take, to their full-bodied mannerisms and soulful gaits. I am attracted to people. To impassioned hearts that beat out of sync, the ones that skip a measure, heard in hushed places and violent spaces—I am attracted to people.”


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