2015’s top 10 #5

  • “Prince’s Gambit” by C. S. Pacat

I’m cheating, but the paperback came out in 2015

Screenshot 2015-04-22 18.37.59Prince’s Gambit is the second book in the Captive Prince trilogy. This trilogy is not for everyone : it contains graphic violence, including sexual violence. The plot revolves around the lives of two princes of two opposed kingdoms, one whom was sent to the other as a slave after having being betrayed by his brother. It’s a violent story, awfully messed-up to say the least, but surprisingly smart. If the first book didn’t have much of an intrigue and relied more on effects of surprise and on the introduction of the fantasy world, Prince’s Gambit finally focuses on plot and characters, revealing an outrageously cunning author pulling the strings. In this sequel, our whole vision of what is happening shifts from what we saw in the first novel, as the protagonist learns more about the ambiguous characters surrounding him, particularly the cold prince he is slowly falling in love with (the slow-burn might kill you). I couldn’t possibly finish this post without mentioning a fun fact about the series that makes me love it even more—the kingdom is homonormative (as opposed to heteronormative).

“I’m sorry,” said Damen.
Laurent gave him a strange look. “Why
would you apologise to me?”
He couldn’t answer. Not with the truth.
He said, “I didn’t understand what being
King meant to you.”
“What’s that?”
“An end to fighting.”


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