2015’s top 10 #8

  • “Half Wild” by S. Green

Published March 24th

half wild coverHalf Wild is the sequel to Half Bad, which, I’ll say right away : I didn’t enjoy that much. To put it simply, Half Bad seemed to be 100 pages of action and 300 pages of ‘look how much sh*t happened to this kid’. Now that we know everything Nathan went trough, though, the action can start, and it is delightful. In this book, the characters and relationships are developed, the plot moves forward fairly quickly, and you might, like me, come to love Nathan’s singular narrative voice. Of course, I cannot say why I loved this book without mentioning the fact that it deals with racial issues, and has an LGBT+ main character : more points for diversity!


“I always thought a person’s Gift reflected something about that person and all I can think is that my Gift reflects my desires, and my desires are to be totally wild, totally free.”


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