A Currently Reading Pile

  • “Cam Girl” by L. Raeder


Cam Girl is Leah Raeder’s latest book, and tells a story that seems to be even more toxic, even more heart wrenching than her previous book, Black Iris. I am expecting this book to explore the depths of sexuality and romantic relationships, and I know it will leave me wrecked when I finish it. I’m not sure I’m ready for this swirl of emotions.


  • “A Tale of Two Cities” by C. Dickens

a tale of two cities cover

I am taking my sweet time with A Tale of Two Cities. Each paragraph is an exquisite pastry I savor. The characters are intriguing, the writing… I can’t possibly express how much I love Dicken’s writing in this book.



  • “Long Way Down” by K. and B. Ritchie

long way down cover

Long Way Down is the last book in the Calloway Sisters series. I absolutely loved Fuel The Fire, the previous book, and my expectations are extremely high. Right now, I have read about a third of Long Way Down and I am not yet impressed by the way things are handled. I do hope I’ll end up loving this book as much as everyone around me.



  • “The Chrysanthemum and the Sword” by R. Benedict

the chrysanthemum and the sword

I am fascinated by Japan. I also love social sciences; and this book is a sociological analysis, done at the end of WWII, of Japan. I’ll admit I have only read the first chapter so far, but as with most non-fiction books, I can’t seem to be able to read it all at once.



  • “Exercises in style” by R. Queneau (Exercices de Style)

exercises in style coverThis book is hilarious. I have no idea if the translation to English does it justice, but I simply love the way Queneau twists words, meanings, phrases, into complicated patterns to express one small story in a hundred different ways. I like to pick up Exercises in Style now and then, read a few pages, and put it back with an amused smile on my face.



  • “Andromache” by J. Racine (Andromaque)

andromaque cover

I had a sudden urge to read Racine. I loved Phèdre, and I am now loving Andromache. It is a classic tragedy, and the plot is way too complicated for me to into it here, but I’ll tell you this : I want to quote about every verse in this play.




  • “Winter” by M. Meyer

winter cover

Winter is the last book in the Lunar Chronicles series, and it is just so long. And I am getting bored, and gradually annoyed. Why? The political intrigue is being handled so poorly. The protagonist has no idea what she’s doing, the battle between good guys and bad guys is getting redundant : what this shows me is an author who doesn’t really know what she’s doing. That being said, I am only halfway through the book.


  • “Frozen Tides” by M. Rhodes


Frozen Tides is the fourth book in the Falling Kingdoms series. I have barely started it, but I fear that since reading Gathering Darkness, I have gotten gradually more bored with evil versus good, and am now expecting more character depth than in the previous books. Surprise me, Morgan Rhodes!



  • “The book of sand” by J. L. Borges (El libro de arena)


The first story in the short stories collection that is The book of sand is dream-like, absurd, beautiful, and I get to learn Spanish meanwhile.




  • “Guardian of the dead” by K. Healey


This seems to be your usual YA fantasy stand-alone, only taking place in New Zealand, and with an asexual character in it. I will finish this book, and if it is as good as the synopsis makes it look, I will promote the hell out of it. I have high expectations, needless to say.


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