An October TBR

Because I feel like it. Here’s a vague TBR for the month of October…

  • “Carry On” by R. Rowell

Carry On cover

Carry On, one of if not my most anticipated release of 2015, is out on October 6th, and I can’t barely hold my excitement. Carry On tells the story of Simon and Baz, enemies-to-friends-to-lovers in a magic school, and yes, it’s Cath from Fangirl‘s famous fan-fiction. We got snippets of it in Fangirl, which I’ll admit I almost preferred to the story, and I can’t wait to get the entire story!

  • “The Book Thief” by M. Zusak


This is ridiculous. I started this book a year ago, and after an umpteenth spoil from Death, the narrator, promptly put it on-hold, 300 pages in. Now it’s fall, getting cold and rainy : perfect time to read this beautiful, tragic book.

  • “Guardian of the Dead” by K. Healey


I will say what I’ve heard : this book is dark urban fantasy, set in New Zealand, with an asexual main character, and was nominated for a book prize. Do you need to know more? Because I don’t. I just need the book.

  • “Far From You” by T. Sharpe

farfromyou cover

I’ve only heard amazing things about Far From You : it has a bisexual female protagonist, tackles serious subjects and has overall been loved by my bookish friends. Again, I don’t need to know more, I just need to read it.

  • “The Man who Laughs” by V. Hugo


This is where it gets ambitious. I picked this book up a few days ago, decided I loved it after 2 pages (typical) and now I’m reading this big bad classic, and I hope I’ll be able to finish it this month. Hugo’s writing is very witty and satirical.

  • “Lolita” by V. Nabokov

Lolita cover

Yet another book I have already started. Lolita is such a famous book, I think I hardly need to introduce it to you, but I will say I am in love with the prose (so creepy…) and if it goes on the way it did for the first 100 pages it will end up being one of my favorite books.

  • “Crossed” by E. Crewe

crossed cover

This is cheating, because by the time I post this, I’m finished with this book. Crossed is the last book in the oh-so-fun Soul Eaters trilogy, it came out last month, and you have to read this series if only for the sarcastic, morally ambiguous half-demon protagonist.

  • “The Flowers of Evil” by C. Baudelaire


Having already read the first 85 poems of Spleen & Idéal, I only need to finish this marvelous collection of poems full of magnificent oxymorons and imagery (if you can’t tell I love poetry—)

  • “Selected Poems” by T. S. Eliot

selected-poems-ts-eliot cover

And another collection of poems. Eliot’s poetry is probably what made me fall in love with poetry in the first place, and this is almost a reread since I’ve almost read them all already, but boy do I not mind reading them again.

  • “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” by R. Riggs


I do realize that this is the only Halloween-y book I have chosen for this TBR. I’ve heard very good things about this trilogy, and now that Library of Souls is out, I feel a pressure to pick it up. I also want to read a creepy book, so…


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