5 favorite books read in Summer 2015

Summer being June, July and August.

  • “Aristotle & Dante Discover The Secrets of the Universe” by B. A. Saenz

Ari and Dante cover

Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe is one of the most beautiful and unique coming-of-age stories I have ever read. It is raw, deals with tough subjects in a simple yet very appealing way; love, anger, tolerance, family, loving and discovering oneself, having more than one culture… I loved all the themes and the way they were treated, the way Aristotle is unique and yet such a relatable protagonist. I highly recommend.

  • “The Wrath and the Dawn” by R. Ahdieh

The wrath and the dawn cover

The Wrath and the Dawn is the book that came to save the day when I had somewhat lost hope when it came to YA high fantasy. It is a fascinating retelling of the Persian 1001 Nights tale, told with a lyrical writing, in a magical Persian-like fantasy world, with lovable, beautifully flawed characters. Somehow, The Wrath and the Dawn is all the elements I expected from Throne of Glass : a strong yet imperfect heroine, mystery and scheming, the promise of epic battles… I am highly anticipating The Rose and the Dagger and its (potentially) epic battles.

  • “The Darkest Part of the Forest” by H. Black

The Darkest part of the forest

Just thinking about this book makes me smile so widely my cheeks almost hurt. I love Holly Black so much. This is a beautiful fairy tale about a fierce girl, a knight-girl, and her brother, the musician, living in a city among magical creatures. I loved it from start to end : the protagonist is fantastic, the romances are so sweet, the eerie magic is infinitely pleasant to read about.

  • “Stars & Stripes” by A. Roux

stars & stripes

Here is… a guilty pleasure. I experienced a kind of reading slump in the beginning of July, and these two idiot gay FBI agents saved the day as they had me staying up very late, reading. I’ll admit that I didn’t like the first book much at all, but this is book 6 of the Cut & Run series, and at this point, they had me. I love the banter and the deliciously immature puns, the secondary characters, the way the romance has evolved, the way the plot was developed. Now, because I didn’t see anyone saying it gets better with the rest of the series, I don’t think I will be reading more of it, but it was greatly entertaining.

  • “Every Day” by D. Levithan

every day

Every Day tells the story of A, who wakes up every day in a different body, and that since they were born. They don’t have a particular sex, a particular sexuality, and they always inhabit a body that is not far from the previous body. This book was such a pleasant surprise! Not only did I love the concept, but I also loved the writing and most of all, the diversity of the characters. The only reproach I will make is that the romance didn’t do anything for me (insta-love rarely does).


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