Reading Update #1 : I Actually Have A Currently Reading Pile

I’d say I’m ashamed of not having finished these books but really I’m not. I’m not the kind of person who feels easily pressured to finish a book : I read purely for my own pleasure, and if I feel like reading a dozen books at once, I’ll do it just because I can. So, an update on books I’ve been stuck on recently…

  • “Orlando” by V. Woolf

orlando cover

This is the first book I’m reading by Virginia Woolf, and it is magnificent. Her writing is pure poetry, and I completely fell in love with the first chapter. However, I’m now on chapter 3 (out of 6), and although the writing is beautiful, I find myself yawning from times to times… I’ll still probably end up giving the book around 5 stars just for its perfect prose.

  • “The Secret History” by D. Tartt

the secret history cover

This one is incredibly, almost painfully slow-paced. It reads like a classic, with lots of details I find myself getting bored with. I am now around the 260th page, out of 550-something pages, and am taking my time. I do intend on finishing it, because the story is somewhat interesting and I don’t enjoy leaving books unfinished, but slowly…

  • “A Game of Thrones” by G. R. R. Martin

a-game-of-thrones cover

Oh. I’ve been stuck on A Game of Thrones for about a year now, I think. Maybe more. I have watched the first two seasons of the TV show, and decided I’d much prefer read the books instead. But knowing what happens makes it somehow a bit less entertaining to read… I have read 41% of the book so far.

  • “Les Fleurs du Mal” by C. Baudelaire


For my defense, this collection of poems is pretty long. I have read the first part, Spleen et Idéal, and loved it. Baudelaire is probably by now my favorite French poet : but as I have not read many collections of poems, I do not speak as an expert of poetry, much less French poetry.

  • “Selected Poems” by T. S. Eliot

selected-poems-ts-eliot cover

Another collection of poems I am loving. In this case, I like to open the book at a random page and read a poem : my favorite one so far is The Hollow Men. This is the book I read when I’m in need of beautiful poetry. Eliot writes the best. But then again, this is not coming from an expert.

  • “Half Wild” by S. Green

half wild cover

Half Wild is the sequel to Half Bad. Now this book, I have started this week. I might finish it soon. I have read 41% of it so far, and I love my darling Gabriel, and I love the peculiar writing style, and I love Nathan, who’s quite a unique protagonist.

  • “The Hobbit” by J. R. R. Tolkien


I’ve started The Hobbit yesterday. And I must say, what the hell is this. In a good way. I guess. It’s really weird, and I’ve been pressured into reading this for ages, so now I shall read it. As slowly as I like. And enjoy Tolkien’s writing.

  • “Les Misérables, Tome 1 : Fantine” by V. Hugo

les misérables tome 1 cover

Slowly but surely. Right? Right? I have read one third of the first book of Les Misérables (there are 5). The book is huge, but Victor Hugo was a literary genius, and his story is beautifully painful so far, so I shall finish it one day. In the more-or-less near future.


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