5 Favorite Books Read In Winter 2015

When I say Winter, I mean during the months of December, January and February.

  • (1) “Amour Amour” by K. and B. Ritchie

amour amour cover

Amour Amour tells the story of Thora James, an idealistic, optimistic, rather awkward woman, full of dreams, risking everything to get into a circus in Las Vegas. There, she meets the Kotovas, a family who grew up with the circus. This is a New Adult romance, but it’s so much more : it has humor, lovely dialogues and characters… I cannot recommend these authors’ books enough.

  • (2) “Dreams of Gods & Monsters” by L. Taylor

dreams of gods and monsters cover

Dreams of Gods & Monsters is the last book to the Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy, and it was simply brilliant. The characters are amazing, the story is fascinating, but most of all, I am utterly in love with Laini Taylor’s writing. So much that after reading this series, I find myself missing the writing style more than the story itself. If I had to describe this series in one word, I would say magic.

  • (3) “Hurt” by T. Suzuma

Hurt cover

You might have heard this author’s name before : she wrote Forbidden. Which happened to be one of my favorite books of all time : it broke my heart to pieces, being so dark and tragic. Well, Tabitha Suzuma did it again with Hurt. My heart is in pieces. The story is about Mathéo, famous diving champion, who has everything for him : money, friends, a beautiful girlfriend he’s in love with… But one night, something terrible happens, and he can’t remember what it is exactly, only that it might very well ruin him forever.

  • (4) “This Shattered World” by A. Kaufman and M. Spooner

this shattered world cover

This Shattered World is the sequel to These Broken Stars, and follows two other protagonists in that same science-fiction world, on two sides of a war. This story was fast-paced, I loved the characters and the romance, and I must admit the writing was addictive. I found it infinitely better than the first book.

  • (5) Where She Went” by G. Forman

where she went cover

Where She Went is the second book to If I Stay. I was disappointed with If I stay, mostly because I thought the plot was inconsistent. But Where She Went made me love the story: we follow Adam’s perspective, three years after If I Stay, who became a rock star. (If I stay slight spoilers ahead) One night, he meets Maia again, who became a famous cellist : it’s their chance to sort things out. This book is nothing like the first : Adam is such a real character, who feels such raw emotions, and I was truly impressed with how well these emotions were conveyed through writing.


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