Sharing my April TBR list with you

I’ll have you known that I am usually not a monthly-TBR-type person. I usually pick up a book when I feel like reading this particular genre, author, language, etc. But I do have vague plans of what I’ll read soon. So when I do a TBR list, like a decided to do in April, I don’t expect to stick to it completely. But these are just the books I’m looking forward to reading the most…

  • “Fuel The Fire” by Krista and Becca Ritchie

fuel the fire cover

I have already mentioned this book in my post about book releases I’m most excited about. It’s the third book in the Calloway Sisters series, a spin-off to the New Adult Addicted series, taking place after Addicted After All, and it’s the second book about Connor and Rose. As usual with the Ritchie twins, I’m terribly excited about it.

  • “Captive Prince”, volume 1 and 2 by C. S. Pacat

captive prince cover

Captive Prince apparently tells the story of two princes from two different kingdoms. One is exiled, put to slavery and given to the other. Then ensues a story, probably about honor and love and royalty. Including a gay romance between the two princes, which I’ve heard was great. What isn’t there to love here?!? There is no release date yet for volume 3, but I have been hearing so much about this series that I have to read it asap.

  • “Heir of Fire” by S. J. Maas

heir of fire cover

Yes, I know, I know. I’m sorry. I still haven’t read it. Crown of Midnight has scarred me. But I’m practically done with The Assassin’s Blade, the prequel to Throne of Glass, and this pretty book here has been nagging me for quite some time. I’ve heard there were great new characters, and I seriously need to get to this book soon.

  • “A Darker Shade of Magic” by V. E. Schwab

a darker shade of magic cover

Although I did not enjoy Vicious as much as most of my friends, I did think it was absolutely brilliant. And I can’t wait to read A Darker Shade of Magic, a book about dimension-traveling (awesome concept, sadly the only book I have read about it was A Thousand Pieces of You, and it was, I have to say, a complete failure to awesomeness.) and from what I’ve heard, amazing characters.

  • “Dragonfly in Amber” by D. Gabaldon

a dragonfly in amber cover

Dragonfly in Amber is the second book in the Outlander series. I have read Outlander this fall, and rather enjoyed it. Now I find myself missing the characters and story, and I’ll be rather soon than later continuing on with the series, that’s for sure!

  • “Everything Leads To You” by N. LaCour

everything leads to you cover

Everything Leads To You is a book about a girl working in the cinema industry, and her love story with another girl whose name I absolutely don’t remember. I have heard amazing things about this book, and really I just want to read a good YA book with a lesbian protagonist.


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